I need your tips on how to update faster. 😌

How do authors manage to update so quickly?

How many hours do you spend working on each chapter? How much time do you spend on the writing/planning part, and the directing part? Which one takes up more time?

How often do you update, and how long are your chapters (like, how many minutes)?

I can barely update 1 chapter every 2 weeks… I really want to try to do 1 chapter every week, or maybe 2 chapters a week… but a lot of the times, I focus on making everything perfect… and that’s what takes up the most time for me. It’s not the directing, it’s making the dialogue flowy… :sleepy: Lol, I change it up and rearrange it around soo many times… The directing is honestly the easy part for me…

I really wish I could improve my speed and update faster. :sweat_smile:


Not all authors update every week; it’s usually the most popular authors who do, the ones whose stories are 1-10 on trending. They do this to gain reads quickly, keep readers hooked, and get everyone’s attention. Episode recommends that we update every 1-2 weeks, so you’re already good. (:

If you still really want to update every week, and you’re okay with going through all the stress to do that, you can spend more time writing I guess… but you really shouldn’t do that. You’re stressing yourself out; just relax.

EDIT: You should focus more on doing what you enjoy. None of the authors on my favorites list update every week or even every too weeks, more like once a month.

I don’t update because my story isn’t yet published, but I’m aiming for 10-15 minute episodes, and update 1-2 times a month.


It really depends on many factors like motivation, the amount of overlays (takes longer if you render them yourself), art scenes (and whether you do them yourself or not), backgrounds (it takes longer if you render them yourself), your internet connection, whether or not you have other responsibilities to tend to i.e kids, work, school, exams etc and your own emotional state and/or physical state.

When I started writing, I used to be able to write 4K long chapters every day because I was super motivated and I was on holidays at the time so I didn’t have anything getting in the way and I was writing for most of the day and night.
Now, I find that I really struggle to manage time constraints since I render a lot of my own stuff now, I use a lot more overlays, I do my own edits and I’m a mother who has to take her kid to school a couple of days a week so creating and finishing one chapter takes me so much longer. :woman_shrugging:t3:
You’re doing a great job already considering you’ve also got points and branching within your story. :blush:

But I’ve heard that authors who tend to plan out every single episode and follow a time schedule perform better. I’ve also heard that authors who write dialogues and narrations first and then add in the directing tend to write faster too as opposed to those who direct and write everything as they go (like I do) and I don’t know if that’s necessarily true or not – but it’s worked for some of my friends. :thinking:


okay, idk how to explain but how about u try this:

Create extra chapters beforehand to help you ‘buy’ time, ifyk what i mean?

for example you’re making a story, you’ve created 6 chapters and you wish to update every friday. Now, don’t publish all the chapters at once. Publish the first 3 (becuz it’s required lol) and then start working on the new chapters and finetuning the 3 unpublished chapters. Now, when friday comes, publish the 4th chapter. This way, you’ll have time to complete ur next chapters without worrying about updates becuz u can always just publish the remaining unpublished ones. I hope that made sense lol

It’s okay, take your time. Plan out ur storyline and distribute them into parts first. I did not follow this advice which is why I’m stuck on first chapter since 3 weeks :"D
I really thought “My breed different :cold_face: :smiling_imp: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre: I will go with the flow” but it gets really confusing because my brain keeps getting ideas and my indecisive self can’t keep up with it.


I’m approaching my 3rd episode for my story, each episode has taken me roughly 40 hours. The dialogue is the easiest part for me because I roughly know what should be said and the personalities of the characters, but the directing is hands down the most time-consuming.

Before starting, I took around a week of planning loosely - it’s nearly impossible to plan everything out event-by-event because as you’re writing, you’ll find maybe something doesn’t fit right or needs adjustment. I’d write a draft of things you’re hoping to achieve in each episode but not go into heavy specifics, if that makes sense?

I also wouldn’t worry about your update time. Remember, quality over quantity wins every time. Don’t overwork yourself of sacrifice the quality of your work to get it out faster, it’s okay to take your time!

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