I neede w small cover

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me design a small cover for one night stand
You can design it the way you want as long as it relates to the the story.
My advice read the story so you can get a better accuracy and I will give you credit

Maybe I could help you?
If your interested I could make for you a cover, you can check out my thread here.
My thread

I can help.

Hi, thanks guys. Since you both want to do it, how about you both design one and one I will usw for the small and the other I will incorporate into the story

so r u gonna send the details…
or r we gonna just go read your story?:thinking:

One night Stand, isn’t a typical romace. Summer lives a double life as Red. Will trying to find her father killer. It’s more of a action and mystery bas story. Give me a minute I will send you screenshots and details of each character. You don’t have to read the story I just suggested it so you can understand the story and better design the cover

thank you::heart:
May you please post the details here.

hope this works ok.

Thank it looks great