I never thought this would happen

There has been plenty of times on here, I’ve said I stay out of relationships.

But that is no longer the case…I built up so many walls and honestly became very antisocial. I’m talking about years worth of self imposed loveless life. I will admit I’d say screw love whenever someone would bring it up to me.

But I met this girl…in two days, she tore down every single wall I built up. Now I find myself madly in love with her, we basically spend every single free moment we have together. I honestly never thought this would happen.

I know everyone has a past…everyone has issues. But if I can find love again…then anyone can. Don’t be like me, don’t give up. It is honestly worth it.


I’m really happy for you hunny! I’m glad that you’re happy because you deserve to be happy. Everybody does.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::blush:


I’m so happy for you gurl!:two_hearts:


Hey girl! Firstly I’m really glad for you… And it’s really very hard to break the wall we build but there’s always someone who’s “The One” who changes your life! But have a great and happiest life ahead! Congrats on your new love! :sparkling_heart:


I feel so good 4 u!
U know I used to be like that. Screw love.


I had a crush, but ever since quarantine, it kinda died out

it was my first crush

But ever since then…


Oh don’t lose hope, love! You’ll get what you deserve! And you deserve the best :sparkling_heart:


Thx :blush:

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Ever since then, I’ve felt really different about love :two_hearts:.
I haven’t really figured out what sorta different, but-
It is kinda hard to explain through text.

wow i’m so proud of you! you’re so brave to fall in love again :heartpulse:

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U know, I guess I would have liked the idea of love if it weren’t for…
the past

A lot of stuff happened in my past, i say hi to a guy just to be nice, and then I apparently like him all of the sudden.:unamused::unamused::unamused::sob:

Awww :pleading_face:

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Haha… It’s not just you girl! Your not alone having such issue… :sweat_smile::joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s great you found someone like that! I probably never will :joy:

I literally dont even know you and you just brought tears to my eyes. I’m so incredibly proud of you and i wish the best for the both of you :black_heart: :star:

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Thank you :slight_smile:.

Thank you :two_hearts:.

Thanks to everyone for the love :two_hearts:.

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