I noticed I have splinter hemorrhage

And I checked the causes on googl and I’m scared

Never google any causes, my friend googled she had a head ache and google told her that she’s gonna die :roll_eyes: google just says the most bull :poop::poop:


Yeah never ever Google things if your sick. My sister was puking all day she googled it and it said she had cancer… She has a mild cold :unamused:


Sorry to hear this. Google is a search engine and does nothing but provide info from websites created by other people. Maybe try webmd for better results.


“nEvEr gOoGlE yOuR sYmPtOmS!!!1!”

I would have never figured out what my breathing problem was. Not even a damn doctor could figure it out.


Ehh your fine my dad had them idk what he did to stop the blood clots. I think he like stuck a needle under his toenail or smthing but don’t do that cuz idk if that’s right lmao

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Lol your dad has to tell his tricks jk . Thanks

I would suggest checking out: https://www.mayoclinic.org/

You can read about information there :slightly_smiling_face:

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