I propose a plot for the story in the style of the serial "Hannibal"


Hello everyone, I’m from Russia!
I only learn English, so I apologize if I write with errors or dont understand something.
I was looking for a game with a similar plot for a long time, but I could not find it. Therefore, I will be happy if someone will create such a game. Or tell a game with a similar plot.
I’m looking for a game in the style of the TV series “Hannibal”. If there is no such game, I suggest a story:
The girl recently started working in the police. She has a good intuition and she is good at understanding people, but because of excessive sympathy she is very afflicted.
Therefore, the girl turns to a psychotherapist who agrees to help her not only with mental health, but also with police matters. But the therapist himself conceals a terrible secret - he is more dangerous than all the criminals that the main heroine has ever met.
And he decides to start a game in which the main role of “toy” goes to our heroine.
I would really like to read something with such a story or that someone wrote a story about this story. Thank you!


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