I reallly really need help


I really messed uP!


OK so I was using a school e mail for my story
and it says is was disabled

I really am not happy rn T-T
I spent weeks on my story and was about to post it I really fucking pissed right now

is there any way to get any of it back?? Please help


slow clap



but really not helping


Talk to your administrator about it and see if they can approve the page. Then copy and paste everything and put it in another story but on a different gmail



Btw I don’t know how to do that saying there isn’t really a way to contact the person who manages the thousand or so emails


You wouldn’t get it unless you knew. Just a random question… you can usually ask a teacher about contacting them


ok I can ask…

I just really hope I can get it back


This is why it’s always important to have our story saved on another document-never know what many happen : )

I wouldn’t recommend using a school e-mail for writing your story :sweat_smile:


Oh my god!! The exact same thing happened to me two days ago (you can check my post history and see how panicked I was lmao) since I had no idea the school email was going to deactivate.
I emailed my school IT department but only because I also signed up for iCloud with that email and it’s completely useless now that it’s deactivated.
Episode-wise, I submitted a ticket asking them to change the email associated with my episode account, but it’s been two days and they still haven’t answered since they are really slow with these types of things :frowning:
I hope your problem gets solved too… I really cannot believe that episode doesn’t have a email change form that users can use, it makes me question how functional the site is as a whole honestly.


Yikes! Sorry to hear that this happened (to 2 of you, smh)

But hopefully it gets fixed… you can only hope some admin helps!


Thanks, I appreciate it. I honestly didn’t expect anyone else to run into this problem since I did some forum searching before and didn’t see anything come up. It’s a real double whammy lmao


Dang school