I really hate him

this little bastard. I hate him. rot in hell. decompose. i hate you. so much. go away, you little shit. you think you can get away with everything, huh? fuck you.


I feel you

But I love how they created the relationship (and the tension) between him and his brother


Got a point, but he stresses me out :sob:

Finally someone here knows this anime :skull:


I watched it in like two days and is now one of my favorites, but nobody I know watched it :sleepy:


I binged the whole series in 1 day when there was only 8 episodes, and when all 12 aired, i read the manga… …P a i n.


I really hope they’ll make a second season :pleading_face:

Same! I really want to see the current arcs animated!

I do really recommend reading the manga

lmao your hilarious :rofl:

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Hehe thanks, I know, John Mulaney WISHES to be me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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whats going on


i don’t watch anime so i have no idea who this character is, but this screams pure hate bc u dedicated a whole thread on how much u hate him lol :joy:

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