I really need a "ART COVER" for my new upcoming episode story, somebody plz help me!

:heartpulse:Hello everyone, so basically I need an art cover for my new upcoming episode story and I was wondering if anybody can make me one for free since I’m a terrible drawer! :frowning_face: I was would be so thankful and honored, I’ll even make sure to credit/shout you out on my Instagram or my episode story for making the cover for me and all. [so plz ASAP help me!!!] :pleading_face:

Btw I need small and large! :blush:


Question: Commissioned or free?

Yes free! but how much does the commission cost?

Drawn or edited?

I most likely won’t be able to help but there are a lot of people that probably can.

It can be both, but I prefer drawn.

I don’t know but they are art shops you can visit

Here are some artist

And more artists


They have art shops both drawn and edited

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Oh alright I’ll go check them out, thank you! :heartpulse:

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Thank you so much!

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Your welcome

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Hey! If you want I could help you out. You could pm and I could show you examples. Or you could check out my artshop called The Chamber Art Shop

You do free covers, right? also I’ll like to see examples if you have any, and alright I’ll go check them out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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oh okay, thank you for letting me know! :relaxed:

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Yes, I do :blob_hearts:

You can check these shops out

The Angel Art Shop
The Silvers Art Shop
Rainbow Art Shop
Dark Love Art Shop


Thank you, I will. :relaxed:

Thanks for recommending our shop :smiley:

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If you are still looking for the artist then We can make one for you if you want :innocent:


My art shop is open!

Guys, it’s all good now, I’ve found someone to do it. Thank you all!

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