I Really Need a Cover Artist For My Story


Hey There So I have Been Working on This Story For A While Now (Its not published yet) And I Really Need a Cover For It So If Your Down I’m Down Also I Don’t Have Insta But I Do Have All That Stuff That Comes With Google So Yeah…


Hi I would love to try even if it’s just a trial


I can try!


Thank You So Much!


I appreciate it!


Sum up what you would like


So the story is called ‘Unlike Any Other’ and its about this realm that you have to be worthy to get too and there is going to be a big war and so I just want something kinda like war but with powers if you get where Im getting at


Can you send me pictures of the characters in a pose you want


Um yeah gimme a sec


Okay thx if you want a background from ur story send me it


Kay and again thanks so much


Ye don’t worry about it


:blush: okay g


After you send the pics it will probably take an hour




Okay hey I got the pic




Do you like it


Oml! Yes it looks great!