I really need a cover asap :) NOT WORKING IGNORE

So I am reaching the end of my first 3 chapters and I’ll be ready to publish in the next few days(hopefully). However, no one will make me a Limelight cover for free for my story. If anyone could make me one as soon as they can, that would be amazing.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Send me the detail on what you want to be on your cover please

I kinda want it to be so the guy is protecting the girl. Shall I send you pictures?

Yes send me everything you want in cover and character details please

Can I have details for both character poses you want and background

Skin-neutral 03
Brows-furrowed Straight (Chestnut Brown)
Hair-Medium Taper Wavy (Dark Brown)
Eyes-Narrow Almond Smiling (Blue Green)
Face- Triangle Chisled Scruffy Beard
Nose- Male Generic
Lips-Full heart natural(Beige Rose)
idle arms crossed eyes shift

Skin-Gold 03
Brows-arched natural (deep brown)
Hair-Mediym Ponytail(Deep Brown)
Eyes-Female Generic (Blue Green)
Face- Diamond
Nose- Round Broad
Lips-Full Heart Pouty (Rose Medium Nude Matte)
flirt wink at camera pose

The story is called ‘Deadly Love’


When you said you want the guy protecting her what sort of way

Like he’s in front of her. I don’t mind how, it’s up to you :slight_smile:

If you want to change anything let me know

Thank you so much!

Your welcome :grin: