I really need an art scene, can anyone help me? Please

i really need an art scene, please can anyone help me out?

Of what?

Which Art scene do you want ?

Oh hey, I thought you died, lol

a crowd of people bowing down to a king and a queen

does it matter what the kind and quee look like

And does it need to be in color or in black and white?

I’ll send you the characters’ appearance and color

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Are you up for it?

Yes, ive already started

what background?

okay thanks alot, I’ll send you the character details and outfits, the background is a throne room

fair skin
seductive arch brows
round bold blue eyes
diamond face
elven nose
full round red lips
puffy wedding skirt torqouis
wedding sleevless top torqouis
princess tiara

light skin
thin brows
diamond face
chestnut pompadour hair
classic lips
botton nose
red wedding top
prince pants
prince boots

a lot of people bowing down to the king and queen, P.S they’re not a couple

how long will it take?

Give me about 25-35 mins at max
the soonest would be 15 mins

What type of hair for the female

blond diva curls

What eyes for the male