I really need an art scene. who can help?



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I might be able to


I could always help :slight_smile:


Send me a picture of what you want and details of the characters :smile:


Episode harmony can @QueenJayy is with us


thanks, but who can get it done in an hour?


Yup, were always happy to help


I can try


Episode harmony we can get it done less we do realistic


Maybe just send it and ill let you know if i can


okay i’ll send the details


can all of you do it for me? I need many art scenes. And the scene might be a bit disturbing. sorry for that


Theres no problem just send us the details and well get back to you asap :smile:


Examples her


Maybe we can all try and you pic your favorite :smile:


i need a guy shooting a girl, (needle shot not a gun) the background is a dark forest nd I’ll send the outfiots and character details


We all show our examples and you pick which one you like best


okay thank you all so much. You have no uidea how much this means to me


No problem


Episode harmony do not want there art wasted