I really need help finding a story!

I read a story a long time ago, and I’d really like to read it again. It’s about a woman who goes undercover to find out who killed her husband. She ends up being in prisoned by the Mafia, who she then falls in love with. I remember he had a sister and a little brother who never spoke. Sorry to be vague !


First of all welcome to the forums love!

And secondly I believe that this is the story your looking for, Revenge by: episode.fwb

Thankyou so much! And that is the one! Ty again xxx

Hello, I also really need your help finding this book I was really into it and then ended up having to delete episode and the book not being there anymore. The book was about a girl whose dad arranged her a marriage with this wealthy family. When her dad dies (I think) or it was that her family was in need of money. She was sent to the house to get married. When she gets there she thinks she is going to get married to a man but he end up being a women. All I remember is that the women she was meant to marry have black hair that was in a ponytail and green eyes, pale skin and had a sister. I really hope you can help me find this book because I really invested in it.

I just read a really great story but I can’t find it! It is about a girl that moves to Chicago to be an intern but then she is scammed and doesn’t have a place to stay and meets the boy. Then she stays at her friends house and realizes that she has to stay in the same room as the boy she met earlier. She goes to work and then she has to go up against the roommate to get the job. The names I can remember are Trevor and Connor but I can’t remember anything else. Please help!

OMG this sounds like the exact story Im looking for!! Is there a pair of boy girl twins in it by chance?