I really need help from a coder!

Hello lovelies!!
I’ll just get straight to it. My laptop broke down but even if it hadn’t I’d still need someone because I don’t have enough time. Credit of course will he given. I also don’t really know a lot about the overlays and some advance stuff. I really need a coder plz!! But I can’t pay you thought I am not really in the right age to…Contact me on if you can help @katan.episode

Have a lovely day/night


try it in the find writing partner section of the forum😊

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Hey. There I know u r searching for an advanced code but if u want to know some basic coding I can try to help
U can pm me

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But there’s a difference between the writing partner and the coder…

Could I have your ig if you have one because it would be much easier for me to talk from there!!

yeah but it doesnt belong to directing hint and tips such request belongs to the finding writing partner part of the forum.:slightly_smiling_face: But I see it was moved there already.:+1:

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My insta is 2eerina

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Okay thnx :blush:
Yeah I changed it!!

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I’ll dm you there

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you can always dm me girl … if you are confused who i am then It’s @tessa_writez :relaxed:

Hi, I’m a pretty advanced coder so I would love to help you out! My insta is @/Cxtie_Rose if your still interested.

Thank you!! I am actually writing 3 stories so I guess I need more than one peson…so I’ll dm u there