I really need help with keeping Choices Between Stories


I remembered finding a post on the old forum that stated we can make a choice option that can go into a brand new story, like Demi Lovato and Mean Girls. Since the old forum is gone, I can’t find the post anymore!!

Does anybody know how to keep choices between stories? This could help me and a bunch of others too, so thank you!

Here is the link to the new post about branching

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I know some people give out a password at the end of book 1, so when they move on to the sequel, they can pick it up from the right ending by entering the password. However this only works for continuing a story that had multiple endings and wouldn’t remember a specific choice for a random episode in the middle of book 1.

Yes. I am writing a story, but season 1 is in Ink and season 2 is supposed to be in LimeLight. I only wanted the choices and character points to be remembered.

OOOhhh! Is there any way I can talk to them about how they did it?

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Sadly no. They are in two different stories.

Thank you! I will save this.

I used to have a way, but it was removed after Episode updated the forum. Now it’s gone, and I don’t remember it. :expressionless:

Yea, but I already created so much stuff that it wouldn’t be right to throw away the work…
OH! I suppose I can do a quiz on season 2 though!

Talk to who?

I believe there is a thread on this… somewhere. I’m not sure what the right word to search would be though

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That’s alright. Thank you still. :blush:

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No problem, happy it helped :slight_smile: