I really need help with zoom

Who can zoom on a hotel door like that new episode hotel on the door it’s that new gold hotel who can help please I need help it’s coding

what background?


Yes this how do I zoom on the door I need the coding please

Okay once u have your background in your sript, add the zone number below the background then go to Camera, click on the Zoom button, then zoom in, then click on Focus, to move the camera to the door, then click on Zoom again to zoom closer to the door then copy the code and palce it in your script and then add the time duration.

Let me know if this how u want it.

&cut to zone 2
@zoom on 406 102 to 411% in 2
@transition fade out black in 2

Thank u

It worked lana thanks a lot

Np. :wink:

Lana any time I want to preview again it shows only the zoom

@mirabella1 you have to reset the zoom.

Type @zoom reset and it’ll go back to normal

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