I really need help! writer's block problem

okay, I’m making this again haha :sweat_smile:
so I’m currently writing episode 4, and I thought I had a story plot for episode 4,
but I ran out of ideas already. Can someone help me and get me motivated again? Like story ideas?
p.s. my story is about a bad girl and a normal boy who have a love-hate relationship.
If you have any idea suggestions, pls leave reply thank you!

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From watching the three Episodes, I saw that Evelyn doesn’t seem too fond of her parents :joy:

I don’t know, if I’m right but maybe she could have a moment where she’s alone and she feels vunerable?
She has the hard cover up around everyone, maybe she could have a moment to her self where she cries and lets her feelings out a bit, but then Charlie could walk in and she quickly goes back to her typical bad girl persona

She could lie to Charlie and say that all her Oreo’s are gone, which is why she was crying :joy:!
But, Charlie could faintly see through her maybe?

omg, you understood the story so well :open_mouth::open_mouth:
Thank you so much! I’m using this story plot in episode 4!
TYSM FOR THE REPLY :heart_eyes:

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