I Really Need Help!

Hey! I am currently writing my first story ever and it is called, “Beauty In Life”. This story is about a girl who starts off as a servant, but then builds her way up into being a total rockstar! The script is going well but there is one thing that I have a problem of doing. I can’t do a cover for my story and it’s literally impossible to even do the simplest one. If you are willing to help me, then please reply back to this topic and follow the description of the cover art.

I would like the cover to have a girl facing left with her body facing forward. I want the girl to be smiling with pearl white teeth, while she’s looking slightly upwards. She must wear a red shirt with white cuffs. The white cuffs must be right above her elbow. I want her hair to be slightly blown by the wind, meaning that her hair should be to the right since the wind will be blowing from the left. In the direction she’s looking should be a beautiful butterfly that is fluttering towards her. Her hair, skin, eyes, mouth, and eyebrows can be any natural color you’d like.

If you cannot do this design I’m asking for and would like to draw something else that can still fit with the story, then please reply to this topic and I’ll think about your suggestion.

Thank you so much for anyone who wants to help me! :heart_eyes::revolving_hearts:

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I’ll help. Is there any examples you have of the shirt? And can I have a picture of what the character looks like? For an example.

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Thank you so much for helping! And yes, I’ll try to send a picture asap of the shirt I would like, but the character you can design it’s features however you’d like. Unless you’d just liked to see what kind of posture she’s in. I’m also very sorry for my late response.:blush:

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Here is the style of the shirt I’d like. But I would like this shirt to be a solid red instead, please.

This is kind of like the posture that I would like the character to stay in, but instead the I would like her to look in the direction she’s facing. Which she would be look at the butterfly.

Do you need more descriptions or do you think that’s enough?

I think that’s all good. I’m on it now.

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Thank you so much!

Hi! I’m just checking on how it’s going! I hope I’m not rushing your or anything!