I really need snowy backgrounds!


If so could you guys get them as quick as possible! I need them for an upcoming story and I’m not a great artist so I wouldn’t know. I would appreciate it and I don’t have specified rooms but just snowy backgrounds in general. I’m kinda new to writing properly and I’m not talented with the episode background speciality! Thank you so much! :kissing_heart: :smiley:


I made this recently, I’ll make some more now, if you want.

Please credit my forum username!


Okay! Thanks! If you could I would LOVE some more! :slight_smile:




Thanks you are a life saver! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


All I got so far. I’ll make some tomorrow morning, I need to sleep, it’s midnight.


by the way, there is this background:
it has snow in it



Do you mind if I stop there? I still have some other stuff to do, but if you need other specific snow backgrounds in the future, feel free to ask!
Please credit my forum username!
Have a good day!


Don’t wanna adverstise as a rude way (no hate pls) but GO HERE - Episode Bomb Family!


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Hi do you do art