I really need some help here

I made a script template and I was wondering if anyone could improve it. I will give full credit.
•I have at least 12 characters I made in different zones
This is the picture

• Can I please have the MC and her friend walk up to the counter in zone 3, please, some zooms would be nice.
•You can put your credit name in the reader message.
@cut to zone 1
&pan to zone 3 in 5.3
@EXTRA14 moves to layer -1
@EXTRA13 moves to layer -1
@EXTRA15 moves to layer 8
@EXTRA5 moves to layer -1
@EXTRA6 moves to layer 8
@EXTRA8 moves to layer -1
@EXTRA7 moves to layer 8
@EXTRA5 spot 0.587 138 324 in zone 1
@EXTRA5 faces right
@EXTRA6 spot 0.821 79 92 in zone 1
@EXTRA6 faces right
@EXTRA7 spot 0.803 217 101 in zone 1
@EXTRA7 faces left
@EXTRA8 spot 0.542 192 331 in zone 1
@EXTRA9 spot 0.704 162 180 in zone 2
@EXTRA10 spot 0.470 82 411 in zone 2
@EXTRA11 spot 0.578 245 342 in zone 2
@EXTRA12 spot 0.533 101 202 in zone 2
@EXTRA12 faces left
@EXTRA13 spot 0.668 201 300 in zone 3
@EXTRA13 faces right
@EXTRA14 spot 0.623 268 310 in zone 3
@EXTRA15 spot 0.920 362 27 in zone 3

@add Red Cup to EXTRA8
&EXTRA8 is drink
&EXTRA5 is talk_apathetic
&EXTRA7 is talk_repulsed
&EXTRA6 is dance_groove_loop
&EXTRA9 is talk_doubtful
&EXTRA12 is cry_sniff_loop
&EXTRA10 is talk_phone_excited_loop
&EXTRA11 is rear
&EXTRA13 is idle_awkward
&EXTRA14 is arms_crossed_angry
@pause for 0.5
@EXTRA15 walks to spot 0.920 -50 30 in 5.3 AND EXTRA15 is walk_talk_phone
@pause for 0.9
@EXTRA14 walks to spot 0.623 352 312 in 2.3
@EXTRA13 is deepbreath
@EXTRA13 walks to spot 0.668 358 308 in 2.5 AND EXTRA13 is run_jog

&pan to zone 3 in 6.3
@MC walks to spot 1.280 100 100 in 6.3 in zone 3 (for example)
&FRIEND walks to spot 1.280 100 100 in 6.3 in zone 3

(Keep in mind the number of seconds the MC and FRIEND must be the same with the pan, otherwise, they may appear to move quicker / slower than the camera pans / zooms, or they might walk to the spot, and then have the camera pan)

This is just a basic little template if you want to have the camera follow your character to the counter. If you need more, feel free to ask me! :kissing_heart:

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Thank you so much for the tip, with this improve the code.

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Let me know if it works out for your script, and what you were asking for! Also, np :kissing_heart:

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Okay, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m tired and my laptop is dying

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