I really need some HELP!

I want to order art for my story, but I’m so confused about the payment. All artists use paypal and I don’t know how to work in it with another currency. Does anyone know what to do?

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If you want I can try and help you with your art situation

of course I want :sunny:

Cool. So what art do you need help with

I found an artist on instagram who can draw anything I want. But I live in Russia, and payment in dollars and I do not know how to get an account in dollars.
I read a lot about it on the Internet and it was written that Russian citizens can only use rubles :no_mouth:
Do you think you can help with that? What should I do?

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Hmmm, could you do anything like trying to make your own art or going on stock photos and editing it so it looks like an actual episode background and then adding anything you’d like?
Or if not, could you take a photo of the characters and then edit them onto a photo for a cover?

Well, I already did, but it’s not exactly what I wanted.

Maybe I could try and do what you are looking for and send it to you here.

Can you draw or what of those options?

I can draw somewhat well, but not like a professional would, and I can use editing very well.

Can you show me your work? :grin:

One of them is just something I edited to make it look more like an episode background and the other was for a title page I was working on

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But I’ve never really done anything for someone so this is my first time and I don’t have a lot of good stuff

Oh wow :confused: I’m sure there is someone that doesn’t use paypal that is an artist but it might harder to find :confused: I’m sorry about that. But i’m sure you would be able to find someone @JuliaM

If you tell me some information I can try and see what I can do and show it to you. Then you can see whether you like it or not.

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