I really need some overlay help

Hey so my overlay isn’t showing up…?
It’s just invisible I guess.

I might look dumb rn but here is what I put :woman_shrugging:

@overlay 4993711468314624_NOVA create
@overlay 4993711468314624_NOVA shifts to 191 278
@overlay 4993711468314624_NOVA scales to 0.478 0.478
@overlay 4993711468314624_NOVA opacity 100 in 0

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Did you add your overlay name to your backgound?


@overlay NOVA create
@overlay NOVA shifts to 191 278
@overlay NOVA scales to 0.478 0.478
@overlay NOVA opacity 1 in 0
@overlay NOVA moves to layer 1 - like on CHARACTERS - (only if you need to move your overlay behind or before your CHARACTERS)

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The opacity command is wrong:

@overlay 4993711468314624_NOVA opacity 1.0 in 0