I really need some splashes

Hey so I need a few splashes and I’d love if you could send examples of your work along with approximately how long it’d take you, I honestly don’t care about the timing it’s just I don’t want people spending too much time on me
I need a mature themes, thanks for reading, this story contains sounds, social media accounts and chapter number I know it’s a lot but it hoping someone can help, I’d give you credit.

many thanks Rogue x


I can make you some splashes. It won’t take me long, but it may be a bit before I can get them to you because I have other requests to work on.
Check out my examples and forms at my art shop: The Omelet Art/Edit Shop [OPEN]:

ok thanks i will

I can do some of them if you want

Happy to do them for you! Just send me the deets!

Hey i actually don’t need them anymore someone else is helping me but thanks anyway

Hiya i actually don’t need any someone else is helping me but thanks anyways

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