I really really need help

Please I really need help with a cover for my new story. This is my first time and i’m really confused :pleading_face:


Hey! You should browse through some art shops on the forums and if you see one that you like, you can request a cover on their thread. :blush:
You should be able to find a variety of them just by searching “art shop”.

There are some artists on here who do commissions for cheaper prices, but I don’t know any of their tags, sorry…

I do know of some Instagram artist who take commissions for a price that’s a bit higher though if that’s what you’re looking for?

Thank you very much I’ll look into them
But by any chance do you know anyone that’ll hel me for free😥

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You’re welcome!
Most art shops on the forums make edits which are and should always be free (because of the episode assets) but as for drawn covers, I don’t know anyone who does them for free. :thinking: