I really really need help!

Ok, so my phone lets me code and do all that stuff for stories on here. So, can someone help with it? The coding works perfectly and everything, but I need help with this one thing.

When the coding box fills up, it doesn’t let me scroll or see what’s above! And when I get off and get back on it will put me at the beginning and I have no idea how to put it back down! Please help? (it’s like I’m having trouble “scrolling”, so someone please tell me how to work this!)

I really have no clue about making stories through a phone… Maybe try using a laptop?

i don’t have a laptop or computer for my use :frowning:

Oh, that’s a bummer… I really can’t help though :confused::persevere:

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ok thank you so much for trying!

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I tried to code on my ipad once, unfortunately, I don’t think that you can scroll up or down.

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Use a free line and presss pace until you reach what you looking for ?


oh gosh everyone i just figured out how to scroll, i just press the side of the screen and hold and keep on trying and it eventually worked!! thank you though for trying to help me!

I sometimes use my phone for quick fixes and I can scroll it take long though