I really want kid characters in episode! Who's with me?


It’s just a bit weird, when you try to do a flashback(for example) but a 10-year-old have boobs :thinking: :roll_eyes: :joy: :joy:


Okay, this a bit weird (and hilarious :sweat_smile:) for me. Usually to portray a female child, I use baggy or ridiculously huge clothes for them. That way, there is no awkwardness regarding privates of female toddlers/children.


yeah, i would totally like that :joy: but i don’t really pay attention to whether a child has boobs or not… but it would be easier to direct!


I agree, I wish episode added more skin colors for INK and different body shapes and age groups for all… But rn episode is too focused on LL i’m not going to be surprised if episode discontinues ink.


@J.a.s.m.i.n.e Ikr? Literally in my story Shape Shifting Madness, I’m in it, and I’m supposed to be a thirteen year old…but in Episode I have an adult chest…:no_mouth: It makes me look kinda weird…


i wonder… what if you made a little girl a long haired, shrunk down, guy?

brb imma go check

never mind, i take it all back, oh god, don’t do that.


Actually I think not only the boobs are the problem, little boys look weird as well with their broad shoulders.


I had a good thing for peeps to show what clothes they needed and then put it in a list on the old episode formula. it got deleted.


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post! Also feel free to add you support and input to this feature request asking for children to be added to Episode!




I support this


I support this


We urgently need kid characters in Episode !!
When we make them just by reducing the size of the classic characters, they don’t seem real kids at all haha


Yeah it’s hilarious tbh, and here 16 yo me does not have it! :joy:




In my opinion it´s not only about body (yes ik it looks weird) but also clothes and some face features. I don´t know 6 years old with female generic eyes a full heart pouty lips :smile: And for clothes you can use only those suspender dress and then every “child” look exactly the same.


This is something I’ve been dying for Episodes to add,
It would be so helpful when doing a backstory for your MC.

I honestly find it so weird when I see a backstory, with a shrunk down teen.
The body type and facial features just make the whole thing look very odd.

I can see so many advantages in being able to use children as characters,
But someone has pointed out that people may use them inappropriately —
CHARACTERS: Adding children

[Although I don’t think it would happen too often]

I really do hope they add children characters in, they would be so useful !!


I agree! It looks looks very unatural


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