I really want to write my story "The Haunted Cabin'' but my mind is really

My mind is blank right now ; like at first i had a good concept and now my mind went blank ; like can someone help me and im writing a horror story i do have other prompts but i am using this one for my story ; description below

A group of teens decides to spend the weekend at the site of a haunted urban legend. During their visit, Will they get out alive? Choices Matter.

and if someone could tell me if i need to keep the description the same or change it? Please help me and this story is ink by the way


id help but with my own story, school, and my shop it would be hard but if u need ideas I’m your girl, maybe try ready some horror short story’s to get inspiration.put some spook sound or piano songs on really get into the mood when making it


@Sydney_H is this in the right category

im no sydney but yes it is

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do you have any stories written if so what genre

i made one for romance but i had to stop because of a break up but that was awhile ago now i’m making another because i’m with the right man this time .

iv also made one for horror (not finished yet)

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my favorite genre is horror and im writing a story but just cant seem to come up with a good idea ; like i want my readers to understand the story

is your horror story published if so whats the name of it and whats it about

sadly not yet but i will notify u when it does should be next month

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Just In Time For Halloween ; Next Month Is OCTOBER

I love horror I’d be glad to help!

Please do

I’d be happy to help with anything, I’m currently writing a mystery story so I understand when your mind goes blank

ok did you read above ; first off i want to change the name of my story to ‘’ The Haunted House ‘’ instead of haunted cabin and im going to need a new cover ; and then i need a really good concept like i how to start it off and keep going

Do u know a cheat for gems

From Keyana Jones


the description you have is good, I just came up with one if you would like to use it.


They have always taken urban legends as jokes, but after a trip to a haunted house they change their minds. A trip filled with scares and frights they don’t think they are going to make it out alive. Choices matter

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an idea of how to start it off can be of the group of friends packing and getting ready then a scene of them in the car (maybe on of the characters state they have a bad feeling but go along anyways) and you can keep it going from there but you would want to leave it on a Clift hanger so the reader wants to continue