I really wish they would fix limelight


My biggest issue with limelight is that the guys look feminine. Some people may prefer that trait but I personally don’t. I wish they would add more face shapes, hairstyles, and beards for men. The hairstyles just don’t look good, there are only 2 hairstyles that look decent. Also the body proportions look weird. Their shoulders are too broad and their necks are too small which makes them look like they have a hunched back. I really wish episode would listen to these concerns because i just can’t get into limelight for this reason.


That’s exactly why I haven’t used LL.


However they were saying they were going to make a way to add beards and facial hair, so that may help.


Hmm I think you feel this way bc you’re accustomed to Ink. At first I use to have negative opinions about LL & actually hated it. Now I adore it very very much. It’s my favorite style & I am so excited to see the future of LL.

If it is because you’re comparing LL to Ink… It’s only because they are so opposite: Ink looks more cartoonish/dramatic meanwhile LL is more realistic/smooth especially compared to Ink. I know because my opinions completely changed and I think Episode did an amazing job to start for LL.

I think you should experiment with LL more because there are a few features that make the male characters look more masculine. Either way Episode is releasing more features for LL so there should some you’re bound to like. Keep in mind it’s still in development as it is the latest style.


i didn’t like LL at first, but now , its kinda growing on me like I really like the clothes. But the characters need some fixing up (ish) like we need more options, i mean the choice now isn’t that bad but i cant make good looking character by using the same exact features every time.


I can see how the features available now isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but Episode is coming out with more variety of features soon! :relaxed:


I wouldn’t say they look “feminine”, but I do wish they would add facial hair. It seems like with LL they are a bit lacking when it comes to the males.

Personally, I actually love LL. It looks more realistic than Ink, and I think the females in LL looks more pretty than the females in Ink. That’s just my opinion.


I’m limelight you can use “skinner” faces. That is supposedly a more masculine trait. And with all the new limelight clothing, it’s not hard to make him look older. :wink:


what do you mean by skinner faces


Vs using the heftier set ones or wider ones use more triangular or skinny ones. Jawline.:joy:


i see what you mean, I’ve experimented with the portal with ll characters multiple times and to me they still look weird. There’s a lack of decent hairstyles as well as face shapes.


I wish they would fix the walk for girls. I’m wondering if girls in LL have always been idle or walking with their hands in fists this entire time or if this is new? Also some of the sitting animations have a glitch (I assume) where one legs moves up and then goes back. Really bothers me. Other than that (and having to put an idle animation after a looping animation, and no beards for men) I love limelight.


I hate the idle animation for girls in Limelight. The fist thing…


lmao I know. The fists remind me of the Arthur meme…




I’M SCREAMING :rofl: :joy: