I remember there being another art style?



Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but when I first started playing Episode (back in like 2013,14?), wayyy before INK style (obviously) I can clearly remember starting a story that had weird alien-like characters in it. It was called like “End of the World,” or something similar/ the same sorta idea as that. I remember thinking they were really ugly, so maybe that’s a clue. And never got past the first episode so…thats all I’ve got. If anyone has any info, or remembers something similar, please lmk.


Was it like a reptilian character?

Or where the the characters just badly drawn?


It could’ve been? I’m pretty sure they had weird skin tones, like blue or green or something


Well before Ink, there was Classic and Classic did have costumes like a reptilian costume


I know, but they weren’t costumes, they were people. Or maybe youre right, how could i remember lamo


Hmmm… maybe it was like a special character admin used for personal purposes. And it was never given to public authors


You’re probably right. Thanks for your insight :slightly_smiling_face:




@Trinady @Jeremy @Ryan @Liz @Cass I’m curious! :open_mouth:


Are you talking about Ugly Americans?


omg I loved that episode series!


I remember that OMG! That app is still downloadable from unofficial places but yeah I wonder why they got it removed, I read a few of its episodes… it was cool.


I vaguely remember that being announced and saw some… promo material for it, I guess? But I never read it, so I’d completely forgotten all about it!


I think you’re right! Omg thanks for the help
you guys


apparently it’s a tv show, i guess they mustve made it into a story


(+ @EpisodeGirl) That would be my best guess, too. :slight_smile:


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