I revamped season 1 of my story!


I could really use some advice on how to revamp the rest. Some backstory first.

I first started learning to code on Episode about 7- 8 months ago. I learned the basics quickly and started writing right away. Being the impatient person I am I also started publishing right away. As time went on I naturally started to learn the more advanced stuff and learned to code scenes more smoothly. Since I personally don’t play with the volume up I never added music or sounds. I recently decided to revamp the story a bit. Adding in music/sounds, smoother transitions and animations, and other basic stuff. I did the whole thing in a big batch of season 1 (chapters 1 - 14) and I’m really happy with how much smoother and polished it all looks.

So my question is how do I revamp the rest? Do I wait and publish another large batch, season 2 would be chapters 15 - 28. Or should I maybe revamp 2-4 chapters at a time and publish them as I update my story with new updates?

  • Large batch (complete season 2)
  • Small batches (2 - 4 chapters at a time)

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It would keep your readers entertained instead of making them wait


Thanks! Very true and it wouldn’t delay any new stuff I’m working on since we unfortunately can’t decide what gets published when its already been published before.


No problem. Flips weave.