I seem to have an error even with a simple choice

I am trying to create a simple choice, with just two options. Yet I seem to have an error, and I can’t find my mistake. I have copy pasted the script below. Any help would be really appreciated! (The text in bold is where it shows error)

“Chrysell with Black Beauty” {
@CHRYSELL is admire_happy AND HAZEL starts react_claphands_happy

    CHRYSELL (talk_exclaim_yes_happy)
Thank you!

    HAZEL (talk_smile_happy_loop)

@HAZEL starts talk_greet_neutral

    CHRYSELL (talk_greet_neutral)
Thank you! See you all next time!


"Hazel with Colorful Contrast" {
@HAZEL is admire_happy AND CHRYSELL starts react_claphands_happy

HAZEL (talk_exclaim_yes_happy)
Thank you!

CHRYSELL (talk_smile_happy_loop)

@CHRYSELL starts talk_greet_neutral

HAZEL (talk_greet_neutral)
Thank you! See you all next time!


Can read more here: HOW TO: Simple Choices

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It worked! Thank you!

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