I seriously need a cover! Please, can anybody make a cover for me? (CLOSED)

Hi, I am new to Episode and, writing my first story and NOT good at making cover arts and don’t know how :sweat_smile:
Can anyone make me cover arts? Plz?
My story name is Titan War 3 , anyone who can make cover art for me plz comment down below,
and I will text you the details. Thank you.
I am desparate!!
I am begging you! Please anyone thank you!
Oh, and I am looking for a big cover!
Everyone, Sorry but I found a other person that made a cover for me, so thank you for offering a cover art, but I guess I’m not allowed to ask a person if I’m not going to use it, so…sorry!

Hi! Help is here!

Me and @Dangrousdiva work together and sometimes I work.alone. Anyways, I make Covers! And lol help

Sorry- let me rephrase that.

I’d love to make a cover for you! Here is a link to my topic so you can request the cover :point_down:t2:

Hey there! I’d be more than happy to help you with art covers.

Check it out here.