I Shall Find You a Muse ;) {CLOSED TO CATCH UP!}

Devyn Moore

Before I request can I just say that you are a freaking QUEEN!

Password: holly<3
I already follow you on Instagram (because you are a literal queen)





He also has stubble I just forgot to add it to the character


Take Your time with them. I really don’t want to rush or pressure you.
Thank You :sparkling_heart:

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thank u sam!! ur a freaking legend :see_no_evil:

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here are ur updated muses kat, i hope this is okay for u!! <33


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They’re amazing thank you! :heartpulse:

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i’m so glad, thank u for ur patience kat!! :))

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Ofc! Thank you for being so understanding :relaxed:

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@Samantha.MI @Kimora.episodes @Superpup

hi angels!!
i have little to no motivation for this thread at the moment, so i may complete ur requests over the next week, it just depends on how i’m feeling :frowning_face:
sorry for the delay, thank u for understanding <33


I know this wasn’t directed to me but I hope you feel better Holly :heart::star_struck::pleading_face:

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thank u so much MK, i adore u :pleading_face:

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Sure! That’s no problem and take as much time as you need :two_hearts: :two_hearts:
I hope you feel better!

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Hello! Would you mind telling me when you reopen? You do such an amazing job with this and I love looking at what you came up with for others! Very talented to be able to do this!

I understand that it may not be ever if you run out of motivation and that’s ok!

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sorry i’m just seeing this but it’s totally fine! everyone has their days :heart:

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of course angel!! thank u :pleading_face:

this wasnt to me ahaa… but i hope u feel better soon! take as much time as u need <33

Hey Holly please @ me when you open again :partying_face: