I still need a FREE artist please!

i still really need that artist for full body ink art scene

Pls PM me for further details if you wanna help.

How much character is it?

just one.
BTW, I love the profile pic

Hi, if you can’t find anybody i can help you, but i do only commissions… you said that you want a free artist but I’m really cheap i promise and i can do also a little discount.

For only one person in the cover it will be only 8 euros (9 dollars)

If you change your mind i can show you some examples of my works

Ty…ok Alicia and Melly’s Art Shop! :sparkling_heart: {OPEN} :sparkles: and request @Noone_epi she’s do it for you…

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I’m sorry but I’m literally broke, like i have no money during this quarantine, i spent it all on food.
Sorry :cry: :cry: :cry:

No problem, i said it only in case you couldn’t find anyone

ok, thx anyways

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Hey :heavy_heart_exclamation:
If you still need help I wanted to ask what is the pose ?

Hi check out ‘epi lair’ or that ‘one art shop’ I hope this helps :smile:

I’m a beginner I can help :see_no_evil:, totally free just dm I’m instagram (@olivia_episodee) with the details and the pose and the background and I will see if I can do it!