I suck at coding help

how do i do this in coding

I quickly duck behind a dumpster, and quietly listen as footsteps got closer. Cold sweat slowly ran down my dark chocolate skin as I silently peeked out. I saw three dark figures at the entrance of the alley.
“WHERE IS SHE!!!” commanded the first figure. “I don’t know Boss…I’m sure she ran this way” answered the second figure. “Find her now!!” Screamed the first figure as the two ran off. The first figure stared into the alley for a few before he turned on his heel and walked away.
I sat trying to catch he my breath before I took one last peek out and got up. “How did they find out I left, so fast” I muttered to myself. I quickly patted my dark curly hair into place and straighten my clothes before stepping into the street.
“Hey” she heard, as a gun appeared and pointed dead at her

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Seems like your very new to Episode so what I would recommend is to watch Joseph Evans tutorials on YouTube. After doing scan the docs and just kinda look at some different coding effects. If you still need help after this please pm me or ask someone else for help. :sparkles: :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:



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