I suck at coding :(

I’m a newbie author here on Episode and I’ve been struggling with creating my first story which is called Creme de la Creme, a dystopian, romance and drama story.
I’ve got the ideas, the plot, the dialogues, the scenes, the characters. . . but I suck at coding. It looks boring, the overlays don’t work and I’m getting frustrated.
So. . .is anyone interested and could give me a helping hand?
I’m also interested in art since I haven’t figured out the covers, the backgrounds and overlays.
Feel free to pm me. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hey! i can do the art scenes, covers and intro etc <3

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omg!! how are you on insta?

my insta is @willow.writesss
I have an art shop if youre interested in looking at my art examples :))

hey! i can help with whatever you need, just send me a pm :))

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It does take a while to learn to code but honestly once you’ve got it down it’s actually a lot of fun!! Unfortunately it doesn’t come straight away but if you keep trying and be patient it is absolutely worth it :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I know that sounded really cliche but it is what it is :sweat_smile:

If you need any help with coding in general I do recommend watching Joseph evans tutorials on YouTube but if there are any specific requests or just something you don’t really understand feel free to pm me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


can you help me with my coding?
I just need you to tell me how I can continue to the next episode with the same choice the reader made of the tappable outfit game that I had in the previous episode, without having to ask the reader again, also if possible, the hair and lipstick too. thanks in advance.

Correct me if I’m wrong it has been a long time since I last coded but I think outfits and looks stay the same when starting a new chapter. You don’t see it on preview on your computer but when you preview it in the app it stays the same.

unfortunately, i make an intro every new episode so i have to change the outfit for that :frowning:

You can go here for (remembering choices)