I take requests

I can do personal drawings/edits and covers or edits for episode. Just feel free to message me on instagram if you have it or if not through this or snapchat, i will give my snapchat if its asked for, sorry i have reasons. Just trying to improve my art skills really so thought id make a post on here :blush:

If you would like to make a request please send me the details or pictures needed and make it clear what you would like, and after responding ill try to get them done as fast as i can. Since i have college they may not be done within 24 hours of course but i wouod try my best.

//side note\ could you please let me know what format you would like it in:
Hand drawn
Digital art
Edit format

So i havent done any requests or story covers since im new to the forums but if anyone would like me to do a cover or would like me to draw a picture/idea for them i would happily do so i will put some pictures from my instagram below, sorry that they cant be from infront of me and that they are screenshots, i dont actually have them at hand right now but i could share some at another time if anyone would like to see some more.
Im actually commenting here as i am in my first year of college doing gaming, which includes some art, but in school i was a gcse art student and i love drawing. Im actually hoping to do comissions eventually but i have to start low, and do free request drawings to improve obviously. If anyone would like to message me or see more of my art my art account is @ drawinganyway and my personal account is @ shortneyshadow
Thanks :blush: xx

This is my first attempt of episode characters in the style INK


Do you do anime? Or anything like episode?

Honestly ive never drawn an episode character but ive been wanting to. I used to draw a lot of anime i can attempt to do some if you would like xx

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Have any examples of anime?

Whoops she does I think (edited).

Try using Art resources and then Do ‘Splashes And Covers’

Could you show an example as i know some people class different things as a splash x

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I have a few but not at hand, i can get them up tomorrow though xx

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I have my anime work at hand now so i can show you a couple x

They are from my gcse art book since i decided to study anime for my final project so they do have small references and anotations in, i hope you dont mind x


You should keep on drawing, seriously. You could become a artist, or better anime comic artist, or a anime show! You can draw so good. And the hair!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re my all time favorite anime drawer.

Aww thank you :blush:xx

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