I think i am on the end of an episode

But i dont know ho to end it, I cant type anymore already done 301 lines so i have to close but don’t know ho.

There’s this line that you start with that says to be continued and some studs after that did you keep that

I’m pretty sure stories need minimum 400 lines. 301 lines isn’t very much.


You don’t need to add anything. Your episode will end at the last line in your script.

Thanks :wink:

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I don’t think there are enough lines to publish the episode :thinking:. The usual lenght for an episode is about 10 minutes, which is about 1000 lines or more. However, once you reach 400 lines the episode will just end.

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Thanks :+1:t3:

i am on 1800 already but with the label from changing hairs clothes and lips that needs a lot of space.
I want to end on a cliffhanger but maybe it is to short then.

I don’t think 1800 lines it to short but it depends on how you coded your story!

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