I think I just found a hidden portal feature

Not sure who needs to hear this but if you hold CTRL and click anywhere, you can create infinite multiple cursor selections! This can help you replace overlays or characters much quicker, instead of manually changing all of the terms, just place a cursor after the term, then backspace and type in what you’d like to replace it with. Compared to replace-all, this only replaces the text where you want it to be replaced instead of in the entire script.

For example, I changed TN to DM:
image image


Well I have never seen this thsts for sure.:slight_smile: Thanks! :smiley:

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Already knew this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
With CTRL you can also copy different parts that aren’t consecutive!

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I use this trick as well! :slightly_smiling_face:, Also if you hold down CTRL, you can just double click the stuff if you want to highlight the whole word which means you can also highlight multiple things at once to change them. That’s why I never put spaces in names of overlays or people or things because it’s much easier to use the ctrl, double click to highlight if it’s one name. If it’s a name with spaces then you have to double click each part of it, such as if an overlay was MAGIC BALL, you’d have to double click magic and ball opposed to MAGICBALL or MAGIC_BALL. You also can just click it again to unhighlight the word if you made an accident same case If you put a cursor in the wrong spot using multiple cursors, you just click that spot again to undo it.


I just do command F but this is great!

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I wish I knew this earlier! This will be so helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
also those who add spacebars in overlay names are psychopaths :skull:

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Whoa this is new to me… Thansks for posting this :hugs::100:

It definitely makes coding faster especially if you use advanced coding or use a lot of overlays.

I’m glad you made this thread as not everyone knows these keyboard hacks. :slightly_smiling_face:

:joy: I honestly don’t know how they deal with character names or overlay names with spaces. I couldn’t. :skull:

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