I think i know why episode hasn't made children

In the guidelines, they said that they don’t allow stories That focus on kids under 13, i think that that is the reason BC because people may do it, and that isn’t what they want.

To be honest I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. it is probably BC the app is for GE teenagers but dang Rugrats easy on teen nick for SEVERAL YEARS and other had THREE FRICKIN’ MOVIRS (smh I right or are there more???)

But, anyway, they might not do it BC of the guidelines and fear.


Probably from the guidelines. The main focus of Episode stories is with romance and things of the like. I can see why they might not want to add children for that, as well as the suggestive scenes that could be portrayed with them, which would be horrible.


I can see both sides of the argument. The app is mainly geared towards teenagers and young adults, so it makes sense that all the characters are portrayed as that age group. I also see where it would a problem where some people would take advantage of child customization and make romantic/sexual stories involving them. On the other hand, when a story does use children in them (mainly for flashbacks/minor characters) I always find that an author has a hard time recreating a child-like appearance (especially for the boys).

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Forget the children, forget the useless updates. You can make that believable with dedication and patience. What we NEED is different body sizes, portraying characters that aren’t skinny is impossible, unless you make your readers imagine it, boring. I swear this has been requested for so long now.


That is completely true! We shouldn’t even have to ask for different body shapes!