I think i'm jealous of my mom......LMAO

hey loves

Okay, you are going to read something so idiotic you might hate me and if you already do, well people have their opinions

Okay, so tomorrow which is January 6th is my parents anniversary! 18 damn years together which is shocking. So I have 2 sisters i’m the youngest and i’m 13. So some kids have phones at 5 but my parents don’t really want that and we don’t have the extra money to go around buying PS4s. So basically my mom is going to get a new phone and obviously she doesn’t know because it’s a surprise. So since I don’t have a phone i’m always using hers and she doesn’t really care because she only really uses it to call other people. But today I figured out she was going to get a new phone because there was no service on her now old phone so my dad later today which was like 30 minutes ago showed us the phone. Even though it’s not like an Iphone 8+ and it’s an LG something something I think its so cute! Its so big, bigger than an Iphone 7 or a 7+ and it has this adorable light pink case. It also comes with a stylus which is great for me but I don’t get to have it. My sister said I can’t even tough the phone bc I have her old phone. But honestly i don’t rlly want a phone I actually really want an Ipad but to get that i have to wait 4 months and I probably won’t actually get one soooooo


WHAT would u do if you were in my position?




Use your mums phone and use the stylus anyways LMAO

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Welp…I would be happy to not have a phone tbh :laughing: I swear I’m addicted to this. Lol I have an iPhone 8 plus. I wish my parents never bought it for me. Umm you’re 13 right :thinking: you probably about the age the normal kid gets an device. If I had just my mom phone for use ig make the best of it. Be patient and you should probably start saving some money to buy dat iPad :sweat_smile:


  • Help around your house
  • Do good at school
  • Don’t be lazy
  • Don’t ask for much too…
  • Behave good

My parents quickly regret buying my brother a Xbox because he started being lazy and failing more in school :sweat_smile: so if you do get your iPad you might want to follow these.


I don’t get money for doing things or like a weekly allowance so i’m just waiting for my dad to buy it for me lmao :joy:

you can start working at 14 :joy:

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