I think this is odd...?

OG title was “biased admins…?”

I’m dissatisfied with how the admins are doing their job , one in particular…
They said they would “temporarily” close my thread about hair in March since people were out of hand. I was completely fine with it , so I waited a couple weeks. And after it passed I messaged him about it , he replied the same day ,and asked what the name was…then I told him and he never go back. I messaged him again the next day and he never got back. He obviously saw it because you tell how many views a posts gets. I personally think he doesn’t want to open it back up because he disagrees with it… I might be wrong. I thought it was a positive post asking for more hair styles… unfortunately people thought differently. But if you said it was “temp closed” it should be “temp closed”:roll_eyes:

Has this ever happened to any of you?
Do the admins seem to be biased or purposely ignore you sometimes?

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No one is biased. We have jobs that need to be taken care of and I think the rest of the 90k+ other members with issues would also like us to address their issues as well. Everything is done in the order that is quickest and most helpful to our community. Feel free to private message myself or @ryan if you have any further forum related questions and I hope this helps explain why this dosent get immediately done. Thanks.

Also. Everyone has the right to leave feedback letting us know how we are doing so please feel free to respond to this letting us know both the good and bad. We are always open for feedback and always try our best to put our community first. Thanks again.


the admins are very busy with all the posts they have to handle. just cause one may not have gotten to you back about your post, doesn’t mean they’re biased. the word biased doesn’t even make sense in this situation.

i’ve never gotten less than satisfactory help from them and i think we should encourage and be thankful for them working towards bettering the forums rather than complain about them using the forums they organize and help out in.


I don’t think they’re doing it on purpose, but I see where you’re coming from.


I get that they’re busy but I don’t see how others could possibly be more of a priority than me or ANYbody else. The admins really just guard the posts. And I used “biased” because I felt like they may not have agreed with me ,so they read my messages and ignored them. I really couldn’t think of anything else why they were ignoring me :hugs::grimacing:

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I don’t believe they’re ignoring you or biased. I don’t get a message back right away & I understand that because it must be extremely difficult reading through every post and replying to messages all day. I’m sure they try their best to manage it all. I’ve always had good interactions with the admins. I just think the word “biased” isn’t right when describing them but you’re entitled to think and say whatever you want to say.


If someone reads your message and doesn’t reply. That is ignoring. You can ignore someone with good and bad intentions. So yes , they were ignoring me. Next , yes I understand that they’re busy , since they’re so busy I don’t find it realistic how he could remember to come back to my message after helping others , like how could he remember ya know? I messaged him separate times and no response. Him replying to me wouldn’t have taken him no more than a minute. And sense he works on computers a lot I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken that long. I don’t have hard feelings about the admins but I find it ridiculous how people think they’re so soo soooooo busy??! They don’t even explain things most of the time , they just copy paste links. They aren’t 911 operators :sob::joy:

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They’re not biased doing that…

In my opinion, the admins are phenomenal, and to be honest don’t get enough credit for what they do. They are simply awesome!

(P.S. Remember the say “please” and “thank you” whenever you talk to anyone, including the admins!)


With all due respect, they are human beings. They can’t remember everything, especially in a large community.


me too i keep forgeting what to do

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Just wow.
With all due respect, there are 90,000 members of this community, and 2 admins. That’s 45,000 members per admin. Why would they be biased against you? They can’t even see behind your internet mask, they don’t even know you.

I’m sorry for your bad experience but this isn’t fair for the admins.

(EDIT: I don’t know why this replied to you, Jeremy. It wasn’t intended. I meant it for the owner of this post.)


Not trying to be mean but i gonna say this

Do you know how much people there are in Episode formus like 100000000000000 people. How will you fill If you were one of the admins do you know that they spend all day and all night working on things to help people. They have a life like everyone else so don’t think that there only supposed to be caring only about you. How will you fill about this. They have to take care of there family while spending all day and night working

Once again I’m not trying to be mean so don’t go and flag this.

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I know this post was created some weeks ago but maybe creating this thread wasn’t the most beneficial route to go down? I completely understand how you may have felt you were being ignored; however, to get the answers you were looking for, would it have been more informative to send a group message with said admin and Trinady or Liz to discuss the situation? I also know you wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience but publicly criticising the admins was a little unfair considering the amount of hard work they do that none of us even notice.

I do hope you manage to get your original issue resolved and you appreciate all the hard work they do as they don’t just copy and paste links as you said. They need to check flagged comments, monitor potentially volatile threads, delete the constant spam bots, read their messages, enforce guidelines all whilst living their actual lives.


They do a lot more then copy and paste links.
They read several thousand messages in a day and can’t remember everything even if they read it & the fact that you believe that they just copy and paste links is very untrue.
I’m not trying to be mean however I believe that you should give the admins much more credit.

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I don’t expect them to remember me or anything. That’s why I said what I said. I just feel like if they’re busy with stuff you shouldn’t “open” things to get it out your way. But yes , I definitely respect them. They always try to keep things in order. :ok_hand:t5:

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I didn’t say they “just” did that , so why are you twisting my words? Most of the time they don’t take their time to explain it because they ALREADY made threads with the rules , questions people ask and stuff. So please take your time to read what I say BEFORE you respond :sparkling_heart:

If you feel I’m twisting your words then I’m sorry however I just don’t see the point in this thread existing.

Because he ignored me and I was trying to think of wHy. This post had pure intentions and I feel attacked. I tried my best to word it like i wasn’t accussing him of doing something he might not have and I think people are making a big deal out of it. :roll_eyes:

Well I apologize if you feel attacked.
Not my intention at all.
I’m sorry.