I think we need this.,

I would like to suggest adding flat female bodies,
I noticed that the only female body types all have large breasts and an hour glass figure.
I would like to change this as it is very stereotypical in my opinion.
Not only that, but when making my story I would like to make it with a flat female character.
(For the future)
Also, I am just not really comfortable in any story when it’s a female mc and it has to be an hourglass figure with big breasts, as that is not how I portray myself, or how I am comfortable having my body portrayed as, if that makes sence?
Thank you to anyone who sees this and supports it,
Thank you to the same people who also took time to read this even though it’s not that long.
This is kind of related to my other most recent post so people can look at that if they want.

  • There should be flat female bodies added
  • There should not be flat female bodies added

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Also when trying to make kid characters i have to try to look for clothing that makes it look like the character doesn’t have big breasts.


I know right! A child shouldn’t have breasts like that and I honestly think it’s wrong how they don’t even have kid bodies.


i agree!

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i honestly agree with this on so many levels!

most of the given body types don’t match up with mine, and i don’t want to be portayed with large breasts + an hourglass figure because honestly, it’s too stereotypical because all body types are different and unique. :white_heart:



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I also think we should have thick hourglass/pear body shapes. We should have options for people with flat and REALLY big breasts (this also applies to the booty).

It’s sad that we only have two body types for women. Imagine having characters with big shoulders and small hips, a character with really big boobs and big booty, a character with a rectangle body shape, etc. The app would be so diverse! This even applies to plus-size characters… not all of them need to have the same proportions.

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