I thought of a story plot but it’s already made

I developed a plot for a girl who is shy and keeps to herself during school but when she goes in front a camera as a different person she is outgoing. She ends up meeting other video people and they become great friends but they never find out she’s living a double life. But I was on episode and found a story kind of like it. Would I be copying it if I made mine?


It’s not copying if you are making a different story and not just doing what they did with the same plot, character types ect


Ok, thank you :blush:

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For future reference, almost every basic plot has already been thought of.
From the bad boy to super heros, etc.

However, the way you portray it with your characters, and directing makes it your own.



@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you close this please?

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You got it @Mya.writes :smiley: