I tried to buy unlimited passes but it doesn't work

Hello everyone, I have a problem. I tried buying unlimited passes but it won’t let me…it says “payment unsuccessful, card declined” can anyone help me?

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I’d suggest checking to make sure your card information is correct, then check to see if you have a good internet connection. If the payment is still declined, then you may need to submit a help ticket to the support team. :smiley:

I checked the card information again and it’s correct. I’ll try to submit a help ticket then, thank you!

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I had to delete my card from my google account and then go back and re-add it for mine to work when it did this to me.

Have you tried buying anything else recently? I had this message because unbeknownst to me, my bank had blocked my card because they thought one of the purchases was sketchy lol.

I did that too but it still doesn’t work:(

I haven’t. It’s my first time trying to buy something on an app, I guess the bank maybe blocked my card too lol…

If your card details are definitely correct and you’ve tried again with no luck, you could always try calling the bank? They’d at least be able to tell you if the issue is on your end or Episode’s (and it’s probably a little quicker than waiting for a response from support lol).

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