I tried to make a story

I made characters that were types of people that have jobs and political parties and and personality traits, however, these people were made to show not all people in those groups are the same.


Lily’s a liberal.
While being a self-proclaimed Liberal, she chooses to be a Pro-Life Christian.
Most liberals aren’t Pro-Life, but she is.
She’s fiercely open about it.


Due to his actions He’s considered an “SWJ” even though he fights for justice.


Johnathan is a male Feminist who fights for the cause, some people don’t like male Feminists because some believe “they only do it to get women” (I’ve actually read articles bashing them) and that’s not why he does it.
He likes to take selfies and is generous and kind and heroic.


A character named Wendy is a smart girl.
She has her own belief system, she believes the earth is flat, she’s kind and nice and likes to compliment people.
She gets A’s and B’s. She says on the test that the earth is round to get A’s even tho she does not believe it. She likes to take selfies.
She’s really smart, but when she tells people what she believes, it has been met with harsh insults, and because she’s in middle school, she used to be bullied for it in her class until her teacher scolded the students.

Then, there’s Justice and Maria.


Well-spoken, young Instagram Model employed by a company called Socio’Comp who hired her to give them a social media following and she is the face of it, of course.
She’s a 17-year-old, looks like she’s laid back in facial expression and mostly is.

Pretty cool with others, but blows a fuse if you hurt her baby sister.

She’s not arrogant, she’s kind but can be hostile when people are hurting her little sister.

She’s generally nice but hard to swallow because she’s painfully blunt and brutally honest.
“Hard to swallow” is a Reference to an idea where she hands a character a chill pill for them to eat, literally because they are ranting and blowing their top over what seems to be nothing at all.

Maria is Proud to be half-human, half-alien, and proud to be white,
She’s not racist at all, she believes all races are worth the top of the latter to even more than silver and gold, as she believes people are worth more than we know.

Tribulations and Trials

She allows to herself to love being white because She went to a school with Black and Native-american children in middle school and has been met with hate for being white from that school when she was 11-years-old to the near end of her school years, at 13 she stood up for herself, when that happened, black and native kids who were scared to speak up did for her sake.
Like she loves being half-human and loves being half-alien She is also proud to be American.
When she was little, her family went to Russia for jobs and in Russia and some Russians bullied her on her previous nationality.
They were staying In Russia for 6 years, when they moved there, she was 5 at the time.
She was bullied by minors and adults alike, when she was older, she learned to be proud of herself.
They moved back to America when her father decided to move back because the old neighbors moved to better places but the new neighbors that came after picked up a habit of to trying to get the family evicted for previously being American and because the new neighbors were raised to not like Americans.
The family DID have Russian friends, not all Russians are racist and thus their friends were pretty nice to them, but they were sick of issues and decided to screw it and go home.

Her life wasn’t free of taunts…

More Backstory

Loves her sister like a daughter for reasons of: Her mom is dead and her step-father left her so she cares for her.
Her biological father is an alien, her little sister is her half-sister, her sister is half-human half-alien but a different species of alien.
Her biological father died of a cold, her mother got a cold one day and passed it onto him, because he’s an alien and his body wasn’t built for the disease, it ate his cells and because of mutation by other cells later on, it went to eat his organs.
He died a slow painful death.

Maria’s mom remarried and had her little sister when Maria was 15, her step-father wasn’t abusive but he was neglectful, not giving time to his new family.

He never even wanted another child but his wife bugged him on having another, so he did and ended up divorcing her and leaving 6 months after the birth. His actions broke her heart, a year later she died of breast cancer.

Maria's a human alien hybrid

Maria’s biological father’s species, unlike humans, didn’t have a part of their DNA that determined race or ethnicity, so her human half had to fill that empty space by adding it the human white race to her alien half.

She has Homo-Sapien Sapien Modern Human blood with only 5.89% Neanderthal because of her mother. She’s proud of those parts of herself.

A Neanderthal is a ancient type of human you can learn about here on wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neanderthal


A Neanderthal is a ancient type of human you can learn about here on wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neanderthal

So is a Denisovan:

Used to be Nice, then became mean, then went back to being nice.
Used to be calm, now she’s hot-headed and easily-embarrassed.
She’s 12.

Her parents signed her up to be a Runway Model for the company “Socio’Comp”

The company specializes in kid’s wear, she considers herself an Instagram Model on the side. When the company decided to include social media, they told her to create a new account so she could be an Instagram model “part-time”

Justice is a Neanderthal with an slanted eyes that have epicanthal folds on her eyelids, round thick lips, small button nose, and blonde pale hair with pale skin with no melanin.

She’s afraid of telling others She’s Neanderthal for fear of people’s reactions.
This is because she’s 100% Neanderthal and she found out via a test her parents got to see if she was a Denisovan.

She was okay with it at first, so she brought a paper to school for show and tell and it fell out of her bag, a student found it and told the whole school and everyone there bullied her for her species except the teachers and principal.

Gets A’s and B’s and knows science by reading books on it in the library down the block across from her home.

Her parents told the principal and they scolded the students, after that., the students said they were sorry to her and treated her fairly again, but She now feels people aside from her schoolmates will judge her, she fears that friendships, love life, her kindness to others, will all be thrown away because of her species and it emotionally weighs her down, sometimes.


These characters will create lots of that.
Will they be changed?
No, they are supposed to reflect people who are different.
I don’t want to create controversy, no, but it will happen as some have believes that are controversial.

Why are they bullied?

Because of Racism and unwillingness to accept the beliefs of others no matter how trivial.

Sadly, Being Christian is one of the factors that people bully them for on occasion

Yes, them being Christian is a big factor on other occasions, this causes people who are against Christianity to blow off at them, other people (even a lot of Christians) don’t understand when they say “It’s hard to be a Christian where I live,” because they live in a neighborhood that allows this and practices it while the others don’t.
It got to a point where:
Maria stopped talking about it.
Justice tried to explain in vast detail on her feelings about it and etc. she was frustrated with the feeling of having to explain but continues to do so.
Wendy hides her Christianity.
Clyde stopped talking to his neighbors.
Lily likes to hang out outside of her neighborhood.

Why not move?

Money. Lack of money for new house.

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I don’t think that makes sense considering Liberals are usually pro-choice. It isn’t a stereotype, it’s just their belief. If they have different beliefs than that, they’d probably consider themselves independent. I honestly think it’s just unrealistic and doesn’t make much sense.

That’s a derogatory term so I wouldn’t use that.

Feminists are people of BOTH genders who believe in equal rights for all, textbook definition. I don’t know people who think that supporting feminism is only for women other than teen boys who make dark humor jokes.

Uhh that’s also an offensive term.

I honestly think this whole concept is kind of unrealistic, offensive and confusing. I understand that you’re creating characters who break stereotypes, but the story itself would create controversy. The derogatory terms and impractical beliefs aren’t breaking stereotypes, it just doesn’t make sense.


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