I, um, found something pretty offensive

Disclaimer: Please do not try to contact and harass the author. This topic is about a story from them and its problematic content. At best, I want to inform others here, possibly including the author themselves, about the depictions of marginalised groups and already-underrepresented stuff in Episode stories; at worst I may going to pop a blood vessel ranting

Recently, I was scrolling through the trending page in the app, where I found this completed story moderately trending.

It is called Finding Luca Hoxley, a romcom about a 20-something-year-old girl getting together with a bar owner via the help of her Gay BFF. Yes, the gay BFF is so important he is the subject in the description. Starting from the cover, the story has some red flags IMO:

This character so far is the worst element in this story, and this is just from the first chapter. Mikie is a flamboyant gay man, who is a sexually aggressive cheater, invades other people’s personal spaces and privacy - and even says not once but twice he could make the LI ‘turn gay’.
Content Warning: Nudity, Sexual Harassment and a Homophobic depiction of an LGBTQ+ character.


This is when we first get introduced to the character: buck naked in MC’s house after his boyfriend kicked him out, who apparently spent the whole night and day in her house without ever informing her beforehand.

Even while he is in an open relationship, it is implied that he often cheats on his SO. This is just shitty behaviour regardless of how open the relationship is supposed to be: communication is always key. But hey it doesn’t matter since LGBTQ+ people love sex, right?

Yes, Mikie literally shoved MC in order to make her go out with him to scope out for a guy (who is the LI of MC’s btw)

This is just plain disgusting. Isn’t the gay man seducing and converting other men to be also gay, this predatory behaviour, one of the worst stereotypes in the LGBTQ+ community?

This is a waitress and the LI. This scene implies that what happened earlier in the screenshots above is supposed to be played for laughs.

Also, this guy wanted to sneak into the LI’s office, just because … IDK, because he doesn’t know what privacy and personal space are.

The last screenshot is so yuck. Earlier, when the LI confronts MC and her friends about sneaking into his office, he and MC were having an intimate stare-off, and MC only ran away is because Mikie suggested she could work for LI being a server. Despite fully knowing the attraction between them and the other times people said to him that LI isn’t gay, Mikie mentions this.

Again, these screens are from the first chapter of the story. Among a couple of other issues with the story, this character is a walking disrespectful homophobic anti-gay stereotype (and by extension putting GNC and polyamorous people in a negative light) and I am very shocked how this story became so popular so quickly.

Here I am thinking of linking some resources about the subject matters in question so people have a better idea on how they should be portrayed properly.

For instance, this Episode Axiom post about representing polyamory. It is talking about the relationship dynamics itself, but could be applied to specific people in a poly relationship too.

Seems a bit fitting that I linked this, since later on in the story it is revealed that one of MC’s friends often has threesomes with her now-husband. The way it got introduced is so abrasive.

Oh. M. G.


jesus christ :eye::eye:




Okay…this is just omggggg
Thank you for bringing this up!! No hate to the author at all, she just needs to do some MAJOR FIXES. Have you tried contacting the author about this? I haven’t seen or heard about this story, but now I know. This is just so bizzare to me, honestly.


I should have, but I didn’t do so yet.


Oh, okay! Let me know if you do it!


I- I’m lowkey embarrassed for that author. First of all, even if it’s an open relationship, your partner is allowed to have boundaries and not feel comfortable with you sleeping with other people. And especially if you walk around bragging about it. Secondly, my goodness I get being open with your sexuality but if he sees someone is heterosexual, he shouldn’t force himself on them. Even if it’s fictional, it’s terrible on representing the LGBTQIA+ community, and it’s a crude story that isn’t humorous at all.


That’s so inappropriate! The LGBTQ+ community already gets so much hate but to make a whole story where the gay BFF is acting like this is so wrong. I’m sure these screenshots are only half the story too. I would like to know more but I am not going to support the author by reading it.


Wow…just wow.


This is hyper disturbing, this story needs some serious Revaluation
Honestly worried what the author has experienced-
It should be brought up to the authors concern
I’m sad this even became a thing


I can’t believe this story get 3.5k reads- :skull:
Like, why-



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Update: the author just posted on her IG that she would be changing some scenes with Mikie to be less problematic. I am Glad to see an immediate response, but time would tell if the changes are enough

Edit: she also said her LGBTQ+ friends ‘approved’ how she written Mikie, and that his scenes are based on jokes from them which … idk.


That’s good to know. :+1:t3:


Hopefully she follows through with this. :confused:


Oh my god— :nauseated_face::rage: This both infuriates and disgusts me, if this was supposed to be funny, it isn’t. STOP TURNING MINORITIES INTO JOKES!

I see the author is making changes? Hopefully they are respectful this time and fix the story.


I couldn’t get past the, he bleeped my d :woman_facepalming:t4:

It’s obvious this person is either very young with very little awareness of society and is possibly writing based off of his/her perception of reality. Possibly having been exposed to things they shouldn’t have or just thinks this is a fun and cool story.

Or, this is an adult with basically the same lack of awareness of reality and has a warped perception.

I’m going with a young person. IF that’s the case, unfortunately this is the mindset of most young people, not all. Music videos, songs, movies, etc…and this is their way of saying, hey, I can do that too.

lol all in all it’s just :expressionless: :woozy_face:


Since you have SS, you can probably just report the story as well. Sometimes authors say they’ll change things but they won’t unless Episode makes them.

Even if it didn’t have these very offensively stereotyped characters, all those mentions of sex acts (I banged some guy & he sucked my d-ck) are guideline violations anyway.

Idk what this author’s LGBTQ friends approved :woman_facepalming:t2:


These are taken from chapters 2 and 3 (so far)

Trust me, he says stuff like this throughout the story. Being persistent on two people dating is bad enough, but he literally wants the both of them to bang.

He’s an equal opportunity namer of bitches. Understandably, he should have been told that his friend was working at the place he recommended, but he is so pushy.

Like how does he know?

Edit: turns out they actually slept with each other once (Mikie and MC), so yeah, he’s the guy who thinks they know all about a girl just because of them having sex once.

He is so much at times, so much that a harassment claim cannot handle. Plus … the last screen shot is just so unnecessary

Because boundaries isn’t a word in his dictionary apparently. Like WTF the other guy just got introduced as one of his friend’s date and Mikie just straight up kisses his cheek for no reason.