I uploaded kissing template Not working. 🙄

What’s the format cause I tried that also and still was giving errors

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@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 204 in 3 in zone 2 at layer 1

I think it’s that but I’m not sure

or maybe
@MACKENZIE walks to 1.280 204 in 3 in zone 2 at layer 1

Still not working

Have you tried the last one I sent ?

They are both same but yes I did

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they’re not the same because you don’t write to spot

Still nothing

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I think you have to put the zone before the timing

Omg literally nothing is working

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can you copy and paste script? I can fix it for you :slight_smile:

Don’t use “at layer 3”
Put and character moves to layer 3

I think that at layer x works only for overlays

It’s copied and pasted above already

she meant that if you copy it and paste it here she can fix it

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When you are trying to have characters kiss. You need to have the characters in layers. One in front and the other in the back.
PARIS should be at layer 0 and MACKENZIE should be at layer -1
And make sure when in rear they are facing the opposite way.

You can learn about rear positioning here.

You can learn about layers here.

Here is a thread on how to make characters kiss.

Also, it needs to be: @CHAR walks to spot 1.280 204 in 3 in zone 2 AND CHAR moves to layer #

I think like Apes said, it would be best copy and paste the script.

I can’t copy & paste from my phone on the portal but this is is it

You need to put in 3 after in zone 2

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