I’ve been revived and I’m back

I’m back. Weird flex but here I am.

It’s been a solid year since I’ve touched or even looked at the episode community, but ya know’ it be like that sometimes.

I don’t know if the same people I knew from before are still on the forums or if it’s entirely new people but… hi lol?

I used to be really active and then I disappeared.

I started dabbling with episode when I was 16, I’m 19 now. That’s a long time for sure, I guess I just lost inspiration and got caught up with life.

But yeah, I’m Zaddy and I’m back.
All my previous projects are cancelled lol, it’s fair to say I’m a different person with different passions. I won’t bother forcing myself to write something I don’t enjoy. So there’s that.

So old community members, hi how are ya? New community members, nice to meet you?


no need to flex- but hello

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welcomeorkorkcmeoked bacc

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There’s always a need to flex

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Oh heyyy! Ik you… but I skrta also forgot :grinning:

Heyyy, idk if ik you soooo… :v:t4:

So, theres a lot to learn for you. I’m sure you know Ink is not updated anymore lol. This may be an adjustment for you.

Hello there, welcome back!

As much as I didn’t really know you… I’m glad you’ve come back!

I just started using the forums like a year ago so we’ve never met but welcome back.

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