I’ve got a zooming problem

So I was trying to make my screen zoom in on my character while she is crying, but when it plays, the screen zooms in on the center for about 2s and she is crying, and then it zooms in on the correct coordinates and she stops crying.

Here is my exact code for this specific part:
&YOU starts cry_sob_sad_loop
@zoom on 269 374 to 264% in 5

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@zoom command goes here


&YOU is cry_sob_sad_loop


When I do that, it zooms in perfect, but she doesn’t start crying until after it is zoomed in…

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&CHARACTER is sob_cry_sad_loop


@zoom command

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Ah, that too refuses to work

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What happens in the preview?

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So it begins to zoom in more on the center instead of the character, and the character starts crying. After about 2 seconds, it begins to zoom in on the actual coordinates, and the character stops crying.

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@YOU is cry_sob_sad_loop
&zoom on 269 374 to 264% in 5

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When I do that, the character cries, and THEN it zooms

Were you previously zoomed in at a different spot before that zoom? If so, you’re experiencing the “curved” zoom.

Curves only happen when you’re zoomed in at a spot and then zoom in/out to a totally different spot with different x y and %, and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

The only times zooms go in a straight linear path is:

  • when you’re zoomed out at default (100%) then zoom into any spot
  • when you’re zoomed in at a spot then zoom to a spot with the same %
  • when you’re zoomed in at a spot then zoom in/out to the same exact x and y coordinates but only change the %
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Hmmm I’ll try resetting my zoom to see if that makes a difference

Gah, that didn’t work either :sob:
I’m so confused

Well, @Dara.Amarie, @Simila100, @lioness.writes, if any of you are still interested in helping, here is the link

Please ignore the beginning :persevere:
The messed up part is in the scene with the pure blue background

Can you post the whole code for that entire scene?

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Here ya go

Your character is still walking to her spot which makes it seem like the zoom is zooming in on the middle first, but she’s just sliding to the right. You did not give your character enough time to finish walking. She’s walking in 6 seconds, and then you have your overlay fading in in 5 seconds then pausing for another 0.1 seconds. So that’s only 5.1 seconds.

Remove the “pause for .1” on line 17.
Switch the opacity and the walking command.

&overlay START opacity 1 in 5
@YOU walks to spot 0.674 261 258 in 6 and YOU does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop
&YOU is cry_sob_sad_loop
@zoom on 269374 to 264% in 5

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AGHAGH I’m such an idiot XD
Thank you so much!

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